florida Museum

Florida Orienteering Festival

Florida Orienteering Festival

Date: May 20, 9am-3pm
Rain or shine
Pre-registration and membership not required - open to ALL.
Admission: $2 per person +
$6 per map (members) and
$8 per map (non-members).
Compasses available for rent - 50¢ each, $20 deposit

Navigate your way over to the Museum for the Florida Orienteering Festival. Bring the family to have a fun day learning how to navigate through the Florida wilderness. Open to all ages and levels of experience. This trail-hiking program is a light competition with different skill level trails. Instructors will be on-site to explain how the game works. There are three orienteering courses from one to three miles in length, and you must finish the course within two hours of your start time. Individuals or groups of four start at two minute intervals, folks must finish their chosen courses by 3 pm. 

Make sure to come prepared with proper clothing, raingear, plenty of water and a compass. If you don't have your own compass, you can buy or rent one at the event.

For more information and photos, visit: http://www.floridaorienteering.org/