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  • Cow and Calf Cow and Calf
  • Ducks Ducks
  • Hens Hens
  • Horse Horse
  • Murphy and Sally Murphy and Sally
  • Pig Pig
  • Rooster Rooster
  • Turkey Turkey
  • Two Calfs Two Calfs

farm animals

Whether they worked in the fields or provided food for the table, animals have always been an integral part of Florida farm life. Our donkey Murphy doesn't pull a cart full of oranges out from the groves these days, but you'll find him horsing around with Sally, the farm dog.

Click through these photos to see the adorable new calf, the cute foals and the rest of the Museum residents. Then come on down to the Museum to meet them in person. Kids will love to follow the chickens around. You'll smile as the ducks waddle, quack and splash. Hang over the fence to watch the cows and the horses graze, and see how fast time slows down.